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Co-living Community Goa, India

Where you belong


We are just better together

We dreamed of a Community which would instantly feel one within houses that were as comfortable as they was warm and welcoming, in an environment that was productive for a fulfilling stay and the first aColmeia house was created at Candolim, Goa. Since it was launched in June, 2022, the community has grown and have been encouraging towards the activation of the second house and then so many more to come.

Come to aColmeia where individuality meets collaboration, and solitude dances with togetherness! It's where you belong.

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." - John Lennon

Choose your home

You won't feel like leaving, no matter which home you choose

Life at aColmeia


Live stress free!!


Remain productive

Your home is a sanctuary where you recharge, reflect, and binge-watch all those guilty pleasure shows – no judgment!


Be more together!

A vibrant community awaits, where game nights, movie marathons, and spontaneous jam sessions are just a "Hey, anyone up for fun?" away!

Innovate, collaborate, and create alongside fellow creatives and professionals. Say goodbye to the lonely "Eureka" moments – here, we cheer each other on!


Experience more!!

Dive into a sea of shared wisdom with workshops, skill-sharing sessions, and the occasional "How to adult" crash course. Learning's never been so cool!


We are the aColmeia bees!!


Yuga Kesarkar

aColmeia is a hidden gem especially for solo traveller​......

IMG_0906 3.JPG

Mahesh Raghunandan

It was an absolutely beautiful experience 


Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 14.23.54.png

Maxim Orlov

Initially booked for 1 month but ended up staying for 2.5 months...

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