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Hi, I'm Julia. A full-time Digital Nomad traveling India.

What my longtime friend Judith from my hometown Osnabrück says about me

Fun-loving, determined and always looking for new adventures - that's my dear friend Julia Weigel.

When I met Julia in the summer 7 years ago through a mutual friend, a short meeting for a drink spontaneously turned into a long fun night among girls, full of plans, what could be done together in the future.

It is usually the case that with most people such plans vanish into thin air the next morning - with Julia, all spontaneous and crazy plans were put into practice.

That's how she is: a spun idea, a vague plan or a very concrete goal in mind - Julia tackles everything.

What is also admirable about Julia is her incredible openness to the world and freedom from prejudice: no matter which country, which culture or which customs and traditions cross her path: Julia accepts, is curious and tries things out. For example, if a musician from a street band in Morocco spontaneously tried to pull me onto the stage, I would have immediately run away. Not so, Julia: She goes along, dares, gets into conversation with the people and has thus not only enjoyed a wonderful evening in foreign cultural circles.

In over many years of friendship, I have also never seen Julia lose her smile and optimism. She takes life as it comes, manages to make the best out of every situation, motivates family and joy and infects with her cheerfulness.

In order to be able to discover the whole earth even more intensively, Julia put her plan to work completely location-independent into action in 2019 and did not shy away from confidently expressing her wishes in front of her superiors, and finally reorienting herself professionally. With success. Julia now works for a company that relies entirely on remote work. About her way to more freedom in her job and working in a home office, Julia has already held lectures, published an article and organized "Digital Nomads" meetings.

And so, Julia has already managed to travel to every continent on our planet at least once. In 2020, Covid19 initially put the brakes on her travel plans - but Julia didn't hesitate for long and looked for new challenges within Germany: This included six weeks at the Tiny House in Hannover and her first experience leading a yoga class. Her most recent experience, staying in an ashram in India and joining the Digital Nomad community in Goa, has fostered her personal growth, and put an even bigger smile on her face. Julia is guaranteed to never run out of ideas, and I'm really excited to see what exciting things she'll come up with in the future.

Written by my beloved friend Judith Dombrowski,

What made me choose the nomadic life? How has it changed me?

The decision to live a nomadic life did not happen overnight. It was a process of several years. The first seed was planted when I met and traveled with a digital nomad in New Zealand in 2016. At the time, I was traveling around New Zealand and Australia as a backpacker, unaware that a nomadic lifestyle with an online job even existed. As I slowly began to experience the nomadic lifestyle for myself, I realized how much happier, content, and open-minded I could be. The lifestyle teaches me so much. Not only about new cultures, history and all the natural beauty that our planet Earth has to offer. It also teaches me a lot about myself. I grow and learn with each new place I visit. I grow and learn through each new person I meet. The better I get to know myself, the more I can share, give and love.

Why did I decide to visit India?

My long-time Indian yoga teacher Ashwani and his sister Anjuly, my Reiki master, offered me to join their yoga trip to India, which was the first time they had done so since the pandemic. Seeking a deeper spiritual connection and the loving support of my employer to take a month off to get back to myself more prompted me to accept their wonderful offer. Knowing full well that I would resume my job afterwards, I researched and found great opportunities to work online in India as well. Everything together made me decide to leave Europe and come to India.

How has the journey been for me? What have I learnt? Has it changed me and how?

My trip to India has brought me back on the path to teach yoga after a break of almost a year. India helped me to deepen and strengthen my connection to yoga. The newly formed connection touched my heart very deeply and has guided me through my daily life ever since.

I received so many gifts, without expectations, from people who were simply there for me with love. I celebrated my birthday with joy with my Indian friends from aColmeia in Goa. I also experienced many wonderful people joining me on my last night in India, just to hug me one last time and tell me "see you soon", not caring if they had to ride their scooters long way home alone through the dark or not having a break after work. Experiencing such a supportive and caring community and understanding the warm Indian culture was one of my greatest gifts in India. The falling coconut from the palm tree that broke through a tile roof and almost hit me in the head, I forgave. I considered it a gift that the tasty coconut water just came to me without any effort on my part.

What made me choose Goa as final destination? Has it been different from what I thought it will be?

I chose Goa as my final destination, because I was curious about the Digital Nomad scene in India. Having worked from various countries over the past three years, I have always felt drawn to my own tribe, the Digital Nomad community. Goa is an evolving place for Digital Nomads. It provides the structure you need to work online at a highly productive level and connect with like-minded people. And there's more to come. AColmeia is a big part of that evolution and I greatly appreciate all the efforts aColmeia is making to create a real, strong Digital Nomad community in India. Goa not only met my expectations as a Digital Nomad, it actually offered me more than I thought it would.

What are the things I will miss when I leave India? How do I feel about leaving India?

When I leave India, I will miss the beautiful smiles of the locals. Either from my Indian friends or from random Indians on the street who were always curious about me, especially when I was riding my electric bike through half of Goa. Also, I will always carry in my heart my spiritual insights and experiences that I gained at Phool Chatti Ashram in Rishikesh and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala. I am very excited about my new chapter coming up in Bansko, Bulgaria. Attending the annual Nomadfest, a digital nomad conference with over 700 attendees, will connect me with my beloved friends from around the world and create new deep, meaningful connections.

Where I belong

I belong where my heart is.

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