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Internet connection In Goa India

Broadband coverage (and mobile coverage) is not great in Goa. In fact it is pretty poor at most locations. If you are here to work while you vacation, please make sure you find a place which has good broadband.

Mobile connection, especially 4G (and now 5G) is not great either. So it is best not to be re

liant on this as your primary source of internet connection.

What compounds the challenges is frequent power outages in Goa.

So when you are booking a place to stay ask your host the following questions:

  • Do they have broadband. If so, what speed is available?

  • Do they have a power back up. How long is it set up to work without electricity (3 to 4 hours should be adequate)

And asking the host might not be enough. Check their reviews thoroughly, and ask them the right questions including requesting them for speed test results from their place. Depending on your work, following are additional things to check before you book:

How many links are connecting to the property. Are they load balanced?

Are there any FUP restrictions (upload and download)

Sometimes, we want to spend the day at the beach while working and there are cafes and Coworking spaces in Goa built just for that. But walking into any café and hoping that they will have good and reliable internet is not a great idea. We are preparing a verified list of such cafes and coworking spaces just for you. Keep watching this BLOG

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