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All August, 2023

In celebration of the opening of our new location in Goa

40 Participants will come together at the brand new coliving house of aColmeia in the Picturesque Village of Saligaon in Goa for an amazing opportunity to bond, learn, collaborate and celebrate in a Retreat that will be a mix of mindfulness, learning workshops, offbeat tour and so much more

Aug 2-5    : Artists

Aug 7-10  : Female Digital Nomads

Aug 17-20: Health and Wellness

Aug 24-27: Musicians


Price of Ticket: Rs. 15000/- per person (12% GST extra)

about aColmeia

aColmeia literally means 'The Hive' in Portuguese, so don't be surprised if you are called a Bee when you join us!! 

aColmeia is a co-living community of young  digital nomads from all over the World. For anyone in the lookout for quality living, high productivity and bonding with likeminded people, we are your brightly checkered flag. We are aColmeia- where you belong. Come join the movement and be part of a growing hive!


write your story

Meet your Tribe


Whether it's at the morning wellness sessions, at fun game nights, at kitchen takeovers, you will get the space and time to build bonds with other likeminded people from all over India.

Learn and grow

Whether you are a full time digital nomad, a musician, a health enthusiast or an artist, we have curated the retreats in a way so that you will learn something new every day and will have the ability to contribute in teaching some of your skills to the other members


Well thought through projects, will bring out the true spirit of collaboration in all of participants. Whether it's a music jam, a art with nature workshop, a Business Pitch, possibilities are endless. Who knows? We might see the start of a music band!!


There is no fun without celebrating the togetherness, learning and collaborations, over night outs, group dinners, or perhaps a party by the pool!!


what's in store for you

Artists: Revised Dates: Aug 29th to Sept 1st, 2023

Meet Aakansha, an Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner and an aColmeia Bee. Join her and some amazingly talented Artists for a one of a kind experience at Saligaon Goa
<-- This is what she has to say


- Yoga and morning meditation

- Movie night

- Kitchen takeover


- Workshops* including:

- Art Creative block, how to stay consistent

- Creating a wall mural

- How to get paid as an Artist

- Digital Art and illustration


- Mindfulness through Art

- Group Nature Craft


- Curated offbeat tour

- Night out

Female Digital Nomads: Aug 7th to 10th, 2023

When 5 amazingly talented women wanted to get together to be part of a transcendent experience, they chose their hive, aColmeia in their new house at Saligaon Goa. They are looking forward to meeting other likeminded and talented women.
<-- This is what they have to say


- Yoga and morning meditation

- Game Night

- Kitchen takeover

- Bonding workshop


- Workshops* including:

The life of a Solo Digital Nomad

- Funding your startup

- Branding and Marketing

- Managing personal and business finances


- Group Exercises

- One on one discussion panels


- Curated offbeat tour

- Night out with the girls

Health & Wellness: 17th to 20th August' 2023

Join Ketaki and other health enthusiasts for a rejuvenating Health and Wellness Retreat at the brand-new coliving house of Acolmeia in the serene locale of Saligaon, Goa, from August 17th to 20th. The retreat offers a perfect blend of relaxation and self-discovery. Through workshops on reflection, gratitude, and mindfulness, participants will embark on a transformative journey to nourish their mind, body, and soul. In addition to these enriching sessions, we have exciting offbeat tours and a range of other activities planned to inspire a sense of adventure and exploration. This retreat is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a space of learning, celebration, and togetherness. Come join us for an unforgettable experience of growth and well-being.


- Ice Bath

- Movie Nights

- Art Therapy


- Mindfulness

- Gratitude

- Affirmation


- Group Activity: Self Compassion, Empathy

- Group meditation

- Mindfulness walks


- Karaoke

- Kayaking

- Aqua Zumba

Musicians: 24th to 27th August' 2023


- Kitchen Takeover

- Art of Listening

- Free writing


- Song Study

- 1 on 1 Song Writing Session

- Mindfullness + Music


- Music Tech

- Jam Sessions


- Photo walk

- Pubcrawl

learn from inspiring speakers and trainers

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Co-founder, build3 and 91springboard

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Director build3



Digital Marketer

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Branding Consultant



Wellness Counsellor

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Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner

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Art Educator

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Your home for the Retreat

The Retreat is being planned for the launch of our new house in Goa at Saligaon and its being prepared specially for you.

- Super Comfortable Private Studios

- Lounge

- Kitchen and Dining

- Co-working Space

- Health and Wellness Area

- Laundromat

What's included


In your own Private Studio. Access to all spaces and Services within the space including, lounge, co-working space, Laundromat, Kitchen, Swimming Pool and other shared areas. All areas have access to high speed internet over Wifi and the entire space is Power backed up

Learning programs

We have specially curated the retreats to maximise the value for its participants with leading experts sharing their knowledge and expertise in a well curated program


We will arrange for all meals during the retreat. However on days you choose to eat out with other participants, you would need to pay for your own meals. Beverages are not included in the cost of the Retreat


Fun activities

Be part of offbeat tours, in-house game nights, kitchen takeovers, movie nights and become part of a community that truly embodies the spirit of aColmeia


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