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To bee or not to bee...

that is the question: you’ll never find yourself asking at 'aColmeia', a coliving space perfect or digital nomads who want to work, travel and explore at the same time. 

Tired of thinking about life and not acting on it? Had enough of existing and feel ready to start living? Be part of 'aColmeia', and discover that life is so much more than a space to stay


Find your tribe

Meet a new Pal over shared interests. Find your new business partner or meet your next date. You might even make lifelong friends!!


Learn and Grow

Be part of a community that sparks creativity and enhances learning and growth for its members and the society at large. Make a contribution in someone's life and let them contribute to yours

Green Fields

Make the world better

Participate along with us in our endeavour to make the world a better place. We promise you it will be an exciting ride!!

A lot can happen here!

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." - John Lennon

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