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FAQs Some more about aColmeia

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions at one place so that you can get to know us better and make your time with us enjoyable

Are there any hidden charges?

Our Bill includes:

  • Stay

  • Co-working membership

  • Room Cleaning (Do change your own linen. 2 Sets of Linen & Towels provided)

  • Kitchen and use of cook (we provide all utensils and gas)

  • Taxes as applicable

  • Access to all areas mentioned in our property page

  • Use of laundromat

  • 2 wheeler parking

So what are the extras?

You will need to pay extra for:

  • Set meals if you order from us

  • 4 Wheeler Car Parking (Currently offered for free!)

  • You will need to buy your own toiletries

  • Buy your own groceries or pool in with other residents

  • Washing machine Detergent (as prescribed)

  • Taxes as applicable

Are there any deposits?

Not at all. Just pay in advance for your stay.

Do I need to pay together if I plan to stay with you for more than a month?

No… our max billing cycle is for 30 days. If you plan to stay longer, book for your entire stay, pay for just one month. Advance rental for the next month can be paid up to 5 days before the end of your current cycle of billing.

I need to WFH. What facilities do you have?

Reliable dual line high speed wifi, with power backup are just tools to make your work efficient. But we go beyond this. Your room will come furnished with a work desk, ergonomic chair and storage. Bored of working in your room? Most of our locations have outdoor work desks or just walk out to the co-working cafe (coming soon) available at each of our property (co-working membership is part of our package). Need to have an online/offline meeting? Book a meeting room (available at some of our properties).

How about TV Content?

Just like your food experience, we would like entertainment to be a community activity. A Large TV/Projector would be provided in the lounge.

How about food? How about bathroom needs like soap etc.?

You can buy your own groceries and cook in a fully serviced kitchen, just like you would do at home. Feeling lazy? We have an inhouse cook, who can cook you a scrumptious meal.

Some of our properties might have an enablement charge for the use of cook and/or Kitchen to cover our costs of Ingredients such as Salt, Sugar, Oil Etc. Do check with the host if this is applicable at the property you are booking at

Most of our properties also have a café and Restaurant attached to it. You can order in or just walk out of your living space and find yourself a table.

How about bathroom needs like soap etc.?

Everyone has their own choice of bathroom needs and toiletries. We don't provide the same. Do carry your own Toiletries when you come here or just walk over to the general store next to the property and buy them when you arrive here

And bed linen, towels??

We will provide you with 2 sets of bed linen and towels when you check in. Keep it clean and use the laundromat to wash it whenever you need.

Will I need to clean my own room?

Our efficient cleaning staff will ask you if you want your room cleaned or just let them know and they will leave your room sparkling clean. Don’t leave valuables lying around please!! They won’t do up your bed though!!

And if you are getting along your pawed family members, do remember to keep the room clean from any mess that they might playfully make.

What else do I need to carry to come and live with acolmeia?

Just bring your clothes, and bath needs. Everything else is taken care of. Reach out to your host if you have any special requests and we will always be happy to help!!

Are my pets allowed?

We love Pets!! We have our own pets on premises. We clean up after them just as all the other pet parents who live with us. What’s more, we are happy to take care of them when you are away…. Just don’t leave them for days!!

Be conscious that some residents might not be pet friendly and treat those guests just as guests who would come to your home that might not love pets as much as we do.

Can I check in Early or Check our Late?

We will be more than glad to accommodate your request, but this depends on other guests who might be checking in after you or checking out before you. Your time and comfort is important to us.

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